A Bit About Filmflex

At Filmflex, we supply a huge range of agricultural products: Various types and strengths of imported and local greenhouse sheeting, specific for the different crops grown under the greenhouse sheeting, shade cloths, silage sheeting, floor plastic, black and white plastic mulch, weed matting, plastic tubing (bug traps with the sticky insect glue), plant bags, grow bags with handles & Black nursery bags, tunnel clamps

Filmflex Plastics is a company based in New Germany, Durban, South Africa. The company was started in 1987 distributing mainly Greenhouse Plastic & Polycarbonate sheeting to farmers and the South African Horticultural Industry. Since then our high quality product range has expanded in order to cater for all of our customer’s needs. Filmflex Plastics is a 30 year old established company with a solid and professional track record.

Imported Top Quality Vegetable Seed for Professionals
Filmflex Plastics has its own range of specifically Nitric Acid, Ammonium Nitrate, Yellow plastic tubing for bug traps, with the sticky insect glue, Plastic Flexipipe, Plant Bags, Grow Bags with handles, Black Nursery bags, Tunnel Clamps, Trellising products, White woven plastic support strapping, synthetic polyester non-stretch trellising wire, imported sphagnum peat, bulk washed and pre-buffered Coconut Coir blocks in various grades, beneficial bacterias, Fulvic & Humic Acid, etc.

Agricultural / Greenhouse Sheeting
We supply a huge range of agricultural products: Imported and local greenhouse sheeting, shade cloths, silage sheeting, floor plastic, black and white plastic mulch, weed matting, plastic tubing (bug traps), plant bags, tunnel clamps, range of plant trellising products, plastic & white woven strapping, strapping seals, various irrigation systems incl. drippers, manifolds arrows, etc, flexi pipe, Imported Cocus / Coir,hand held EC and PH testing meters and Calibration solutions, Min/Max thermometers & hygrometers and various types of greenhouse repair tapes.

Water Soluble & Hydroponic Fertilizers
Filmflex Plastics has its own range of specially formulated water soluble fertilizers for Tomatoes, Sweet Peppers, Brinjals (Eggplant), Cucumbers, Celery & all Lettuce types. We also supply a full range of standard water soluble “straight” fertilizers and related micro element products; Nitric Acid, Liquid Ammonium Nitrate, Fulvic & Humic Acids, etc.

Water Sanitation & Post Harvest Disinfectants
For sanitation purposes we have available a product called Tecsa®Clor. Tecsa®Clor is highly effective in eliminating phyto pathogen micro water borne micro organisms such as fungi, bacteria & combining viruses. We also have a range of other water disinfectant products namely Tecsa®Gene 10 & Purogene, depending on the required applications.

Biological Plant Health Products
We supply a range of Biological Disease & Pest control products, and imported predatory insects for the control of other insect pests. e.g. Imported Dudutech Products, Imported insect pheromone based traps, Eco-Series & others.

Plastic Packaging
Imported and local cling wrap film, heat sealer machines, fresh produce polypropylene bags, polypropylene flower sleeves & adhesive tapes.

“Crop” light weight cover (frost protection cover up to -2 or -3 degrees), Refuse bags, polyweave & pvc tarpaulins, pallet net & pallet wrap, seedling trays.

Filmflex Policy
Our policy at Filmflex Plastics is to get the best quality product for our customers at the best possible price. Filmflex Plastics as a company aims to be a one stop hydroponics store where the farmer & grower is able to get every product that he requires at one place.